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February 02, 2009



Bummed. All around bummed. Good luck to you, Megan. I've been following you for a long time, and you will definitely be missed. I got a lot of value out the Jumping Monkeys podcast as well as your stories here. In fact, you're the very reason I comforted and hugged another mom when her son bit into my toddler's shoulder. I'm not sure I would have know how to have that kind of compassion, were it not for your writing. It won't be the same, but I sincerely hope the mantle of parenting in the digital age can be picked up elsewhere in the TWiT network.

Duncan Bachen

Going to miss the podcast. Was always the first one I listened to in my weekly feeds. Kept hoping it was coming back after hiatus, but then heard that line on TWiT about it being killed. Actually came looking for a news item to confirm it.

As a father of twins (3.5 Years), I wish you continued success with your family and hope that we'll hear more from you in the future.


I hate to hear this news, but I completely understand. Jumping Monkeys is one of my favorite podcasts. I hope to still hear you on some other TWiT shows. Good luck!


It's a real shame to know that you won't be doing the podcast anymore. I really enjoyed it, it was great fun listening to you and Leo. Hopefully you will come back in some form. Twitter us and let us know. Till then, take care and good luck to you and your family.


Megan, I know personally of what you speak. Seriously.

You don't know how many times Kristin and I thought about throwing in the towel. And we've released plenty of shows that were not to the standard we'd set for ourselves. But then we'd say "We're doing the best we can given the circumstances and our listeners know that."

Your voice will be missed. I respect your decision to do what's best for you and your family.


Oh no! I'll really miss the podcast, it was always one of my favorites (my other favorite being Manic Mommies, don't throw in the towel Erin and Kristin! I think my friends think the two are my main sources of information as I talk about them so much!) But as a mom I totally understand. I hope to hear/read you again soon somewhere. Best wishes to you and your family and thanks for many great episodes and posts!


Sorry to hear that there will not be future episodes but best wishes to you and your family. My wife and I really enjoyed the parenting tips and most of all the conversation between you, Leo, and your guests. It was a very comfortable program to share. Thanks.


Sad to read the news but I do understand. Even though I'm not a parent I always enjoyed listening to Jumping Monkeys and reading the blog. I wish you the best in whatever you decide to do and hope to see and/or hear from you again in the future.

Chris Cox


So sorry to hear about the end of Jumping Monkeys! I really enjoyed you and Leo and the podcast. I am a stay-at-home dad and I have used some of the advice from the podcast in my children's daily lives. Thank you so much for the years of information. I can hardly believe it's over! Seems like it had just begun not so long ago!

Good luck always!


One of my favorite podcasts, certainly my favorite parenting podcast. Would you be willing to recommend some other podcasts for us to use to fill the void?

I hope someone picks up the slack for parenting in the digital age on TWIT.


Thanks to you and Leo for my favorite podcast! Good luck to you!


Hope you'll leave the old episodes up in iTunes -- I always loved Jumping Monkeys but have never been able to keep current, so there's still a treasure trove for me to listen to even now that you're (sadly) gone. Thanks for all you've done! I'd like to keep up with you where ever you do choose to write.


Jumping Monkeys was the best podcast on the TWIT network, hands down. Every episode was well organized and full of great information, interesting guests, and personable, entertaining hosts. And you did all that within a consistent under-an-hour run time, which, as a busy working mom, I highly appreciated. This was a unique gem of a show, and I will miss it tremendously. Enjoy your family and whatever comes next! See you on Twitter... :-)


Best of luck and as they say, every time a door closes a window opens :)


Hi Megan,

I am so sad that I won't get to hear you weekly anymore. I just gave a Juku Couture doll as a gift and it was the 6-year-old recipient's favorite gift. I got so many great book and gift recommendations from the show, I would love if you would keep telling us what you are reading to your kids. Thank you for opening up about your family. I will miss listening to you once a week.


Many, many thanks to you for the work you put in over the last year. I always looked forward to your podcasts, not only for the content, but the wonderful dynamic between you and Leo as well. Peace and joy to you as your journey expands and changes!

Jim B

Na Na Hey Hey Goodbye


As a parent, I totally understand that they come first. Good luck and I hope to hear your updates now and then! It was a great run and I enjoyed every show that you and Leo put out! Great job to the two of you!



Crap, I just found out about this podcast and was getting into it. I'll check out the older ones. Great advice and good fun. Best of luck in what lies ahead for you.



I used to know you back when you began TechTV. You were thin, beautiful, youthful.

Now it's been 8 years. What happened to you? You're another web 2.0 begger?

Megan, I hope you get some help. You look like hell.


Sorry, here's the proof:

Before: http://www.chefelf.com/images/techtvmegan.jpg

After: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/e/e6/Megan_Morrone.jpg

Megan, you're getting pictures taken of yourself. It's rude to post such a disgusting mug to people. Please, if you've been doing any sort of drugs you need help.

I do understand that woman get fat and ugly after kids, but jesus.


Sorry, back again.

The reason I'm so shocked is I haven't seen you in 8 whole years. So I'm like, totally scared by the way you look.

Megan you NEED to get your eye brows PLUCKED. You look like Oscar the grouch.


"Megan you NEED to get your eye brows PLUCKED. You look like Oscar the grouch." hahaha that's funny!!!


Well, I guess in a funny way, it happens to everyone. I suppose the "point" wasn't outright meanness, but to prove it happens to TV people too.


"Megan, I hope you get some help. You look like hell." this was really also funny!!! hahaha I guess the truth hurts sometimes?

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