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November 04, 2008


Lisa K.

Aww, Megan, they are so grown up! I've been reading since A was a wee tot, and seeing her and the twins (who, the last time I checked, were babies too!) are soooo big!

Time sure does fly. I love the Obama-wagon by the way. Nice job!


Change, this change at least, is good.

but there is soooooo much more to to.

Troubling ballot initiative results in Cali, Arizona, Florida, and maybe most unsettling Arkansas.

Barack's parent's marriage was illegal in 17 states at the time of his birth

This is not a political blog first of all second Barack Obama will be are next 44th president of the United States deal with it or move to Canada or Mexico.


PG's right, no-name person... There is a lot of work to be done! Work that will start through changing our country with a new leader! This is only the beginning!


What a great picture! Good thing you took it now -- it won't be long before there'll be no way all three of them will fit in there! Looks like the boys in particular have really turned on the growth engines lately.

Mike Chandler

Wow, I'm shocked at how big they are now!


I'm amazed at how much they've grown! And I love Annabella's haircut. Just adorable. They're all so cute!


Oh wow! I've been reading since Annabella was in your tummy on tv. I was pregnant at the same time (gave birth on 8/7) so hubby and I took notes of how you were doing each day. To realize that she's getting so close to 6 and to see this picture, the boys have gotten so big! They could pass for triplets!


First visit to this blog, (big Leo fan) and will be the last. "Pretend you know what you're doing" = Obama

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