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October 12, 2008


Kelly J

The comments from you and Leo about empathy were extremely interesting. I have never heard it discussed before in any books. It is an important part of child development and I don't understand why but some children don't seem to have it or seem to reject the concept (or is it a trait). It has even been a topic at church. I think it would be an interesting topic for a show.
I love your podcasts and listen every week. Usually I get to see the live feed and really enjoy that. Thank you so much for your wonderful contributions.


Thanks for the link, looking forward to this episode. I FINALLY got caught up after all the summer craziness.

I would really love to hear an interview with Crazy Dave and Goofy Gil from Crazy Dave's Kid Show. My absolute favorite kids podcast - my boys love it too 8^)

What happened to the newest episode it was twit this morning and now it's gone I just going to listen to it. The epsiode about how to use wikipedia?

Carol Band

Hey Lisa- nice job on the podcasts. I am skeptical about the night vision goggles tho - can you see the monsters under the bed?

Hey the wikipedia episode is back up finally!


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