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December 02, 2007


Derek Williams

Couple of comments. Pronunciation of some of your words:

Totoro: Toe' Toe' Roe' - not toe Toe' roe. Japanese, not american.

Timon: tee Moan' - not Tee' mon or Tim' mon. Confused because who HASN'T see the Lion King?

Also, my guesses at the sounds:
1 - slinky
2 - my simon
3 - viewmaster
4 - not a clue
5 - etch-a-sketch
6 - not a typewriter (or a clue)

My movie recommendations:
Lion King 1
Lion King 1 1/2
NOT Lion King 2 (too much fighting)
NOT My Neighbor Totoro (kinda scary)
Aristocats (I could recite all the lines)
Alice in Wonderland (original - NO others)
The Rescuers (R-E-S-C-U-E, Rescue Aid Society)
Dumbo (except where mom tries to protect Dumbo)

Derek Williams

Gawd I miss TechTV! Looks like I am finding everyone (from the shows) doing their own thing, but MAN, bringing Becky on the show put me over the edge.

Leo, really like Jumping Monkeys (and other TWIT shows), but can you guys get a reunion together? Is there NO Venture Capital out there for a new channel? Can't Kevin Rose spot you some cash?

Megan and Leo, thanks for doing this show. Techie, but very human, at the same time. Good work, good guests.

Pat Glennon

Laughing very loud at myself.

Thanks (I think) for playing my voicemail. I was very distracted. Although you couldn't hear it I think the kids were all over the place and I was making sure nobody was going to do anything foolish!

Oh well, keep up the good work.


Thanks for the mention! Love the show!


But is Becky married? Who's the DAD?


The baby's Dad? Aren't Dads important? Anybody?

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