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September 12, 2007



I believe that I would not think that this was nearly as funny if I had kids.


I have kids, and I still find it funny. Because it's true.

I'm lucky enough that M does quiet time in her room, and it's relatively quiet. Now that preK has started, she actually sleeps sometimes and doesn't want to get up when we come in.

C, well, he's going to be my challenging one. I'll keep reading here, because I have faith that Megan will figure it all out, and I can just copy her. After all, all kids are the same, right? ;-)

Sylvester Becker

That is one of the most funny posts I read in a long time. It is so true. I have twin boys, three years old, I know exactly what you are talking about. The kids are so surprisingly smart to beat us in our own game! See my boys here: http://tinyurl.com/35k6cg

Kathy (Sarah Lane's friend)

this is utterly hilarious! I don't have twins, but do have 2 boys 18 months apart (now aged 1 and 2) and can completely relate!

Kent Goldings

We canceled nap time about year ago when my daughter, then two, took an unhealthy interest in the content of her diaper. She would deftly remove the diaper and spread the contents around her bedroom. After a number of toxic waste clean-up missions, we decided it was better to let her just play quietly under supervision. If your kids are climbing out of the crib, it's probably time to get rid of it. However, staying in the bedroom a safety issue that we take very seriously. Leaving the bedroom without escort is subject to the most severe punishments we can devise. A child wondering around the house unsupervised as we sleep is a nightmare. Especially since our daughter is adept at defeating locks and latched of all kinds. Fortunately, our daughter responded to combination of time-outs. However, every child is different.


Your twins are obviously very bright, I had to laugh at their clever responses to your threats and bribes. Is there an article - toddlers: not as innocent as they seem? :-) I would really hold your guns on the nap, though. Sleep deprived toddlers are not fun. I know, my son, stopped napping at 2, even though he CLEARLY needed more sleep. If sleep (or lack of) is becoming an issue, ask your ped to refer you to a pediatric sleep expert. I wish we had done that. My friend is a pediatric nurse and she makes referals like this all the time. Good luck!


LOL! All too true. The terrible 2s are really a mixture of many things, one of which is the transition to no napping. We're going through still with our 3 year old. He really needs a nap sometimes, but doesn't always do it. We try to time our activities so we'll be driving home when its close to nap time and he'll fall asleep.

Our other trick is sports and other physical activities in the morning. Just tire them out. Both our boys are starting hockey this weekend and that should do wonders for tiring them out.

kelli ann

cannot type. laughing too hard.

How is it that *we're* tired when *they* don't nap?


God love the lil boogers, BUT, "spare the rod..spoil the child(ren)". At the least, find their *currency* & USE it! =D

Ashly A K

Your kids are so lovely..and bright....
New generations are becoming more and more intelligent.

And it is a blessing to have such lovely kids at home....let them keep rocking.....you just join the rocking....

Ashly A K


oh how happy i am that my kids are beyond the napping years!! my little monkeys used to take off their socks and climb the safety gate by sticking their little toes inside the holes!! up and over they went!! so consider yourself warned....i wouldn't put it past your guys to do this themselves. good luck!


I'm so glad that I stumbled upon this post, I have two girls 16 months apart, and if it weren't for their smart-mouthed and utterly hilarious comebacks, I wouldn't be a happily single mom *grin* They're nearly 5 and 6 already, but we're struggling with the littler one needing to go to bed earlier, and refusing to. Big sis relishes putting her to bed though, lil' moms are such a blessing =)

Someone Whocares

My two year old doesn't like to nap anymore either. I put my one year old in their bedroom and I let my two year old watch a movie quietly in my bedroom with the lights off and the blinds closed. If I'm lucky she will fall asleep, and if not I can 'cuddle' with her for 10-15 minutes and usually that sends her to lullaby land. She takes a nap on accident and I still get my free time! Best part is she thinks she is winning because I let her watch a movie, which is a big treat for her.

Analisa Roche

Wonderful story! -From a fellow mom of twins who are 3, plus a 5-year-old and a 1-year-old. My kids have all stopped napping when they turned two!

Been There, Done That

When my twins and 1yr older son stopped napping, i decided it was a great thing! I kept them awake, with force if necessary (no drowsy car rides, etc..) and then had them go to bed at 6:45pm (using darkening shades, of course)! It was awesome, I'd take a glass of wine out to the porch, and watch the mom across the street with her 4 kids and dog, still active at 8pm... me, sitting peacefully, having my Mom Time. I say leave the naps behind, buck up and take the Terrible Afternoon Moods, and then enjoy the evening!!


This was wonderful comic relief! I've watched (lucky me) many of my friends go through this same argument with their children at various ages. I've been blessed with a hyper-sleeper. My daughter will be 4 next month and still takes daily 2 hour naps and goes to bed by 7 (at the latest). We start our day early, and she's awake by 5am, but she truly is a different child without those hours of sleep. I'm actually afraid to consider having another child for fear my karma has run its course and I'm due to have a child that functions on 5 hours of sleep per 24 hour period. I wish you the best of luck with the non-napping twins!

Melissa chambers

I LOVED your post. I could have written it word-for-word to describe our nap situation. I have 2 1/2 year old twin boys who fight me on nap time every day! I've tried taking away their beloved animals ("here, take it"), tried banning favorite trains ("I'll just play with my cars"), time-outs ("let's go!"), babygates, locked doors, etc. Nothing works. I'm afraid nap time is coming to an end. :(

Santa Pola

Tienes mucha razon, no todo el mundo se atreve a decir las cosas asi...

Santa Pola

Eso si que es una verdad como un temblo, estoy totalmente deacuerdo... :)

santa pola

Yo tambien pienso lo mismo. Gracias como siempre

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