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August 08, 2007



A friend of mine with two children reccomended that I transition my son to the big boy bed on his 3rd birthday, and to make the big boy bed a birthday present, to really build it up and get him excited about it. I did this, and it worked great. I recently went to seminar with a pediatric sleep expert, and she validated this strategy. She reccomended keeping kids in the crib AS LONG AS POSSIBLE, so much so, that they even suggest parents buy special extra deep cribs if children are trying to climb out of them, or those tents that cover the crib to keep the child in. My second son will also be getting the big boy bed as his 3rd birthday present. :-)


I wish I had some advice to give.

My boy is 2 and a half and we moved him to a toddler bed around his 2nd birthday. We only did this because he scaled the side of his crib many many times a night. Eventually we moved him to a toddler bed - hoping that it was what he needed and would save him from injuring himself by climbing out of his crib. Nope. Every night is a challenge with him. If I could I would have left him in his crib until he was at least 3 years old.


We moved our first child when she was barely 2, because we were so excited to do it, and because we were idiots.

My 2nd child was 3 and a bit when I finally did it, and I only did it because he always turned sideways and slept with his feet sticking out of the slats on the side. I felt bad. He never climbed out though. He stil misses his crib and gives me a hard time about getting rid of it and he's 5!

He sleeps most nights with his sister in the double bed in her room. Our daughter didn't start sleeping and staying in her own bed consistently until she was in kindergarten, so I hope that's the case with him.


I'm so glad that I'm not the only person not in a hurry to move my baby over to the big boy bed. . .
I have friends that moved their kids over so quickly b/c they were "tired of the crib"--I FOR ONE, love the crib b/c for right now it insures that my son will not COME GET ME out of bed!


Both of our daughters switched to toddler beds around 2 1/2 years old. I guess we were lucky, since we didn't have any problems with that.


My daughter was a little over 2 when we moved her from the crib to a toddler bed, we had the same problem, she refused to stay in bed..(matter of fact she's almost 5 and we still have this problem 9 out of 10 nights) and would bring her pillow and blanket into the wall way just in front of her side of the gate; lay down and talk to us until she fell asleep..we had a much easier transition from the toddler bed to the twin size.


RE: The tents that cover the crib; we too invested in one of those for my oldest daughter who greeted me in the bathroom at 15 months old when i laid her down for a nap. It took her 2 weeks to learn to stick her finger in the tiny hole and push the zipper up and unzip herself, allowing herself to climb out.

Ruth H

One thing to keep in mind it that these are two little boys you are talking about and one many be ready before the other. Of course, that compounds the problem. Beside that my advice is twofold: the 3rd birthday move sounds
like a good idea to me; and have you considered moving them into a double bed so they are sleeping with each other for company? People used to have their children sleeping together all the time. Personal beds are pretty much a last 100 years luxury. And yes, I slept with both my older sister and my twin sister when I was three and even older. We were a great comfort to each other. Lots of talking and whispering at night, giggling and annoying the parents, but we didn't get up and wander around the house either. We were each other's entertainment.


I haven't made the transition yet; my little guy is only 13 months. But I read a tip somewhere from a mom who'd moved her little girl. I don't remember where I read this either, but I thought it sounded awesome. She came up with "Big Girl Bed Rules". There were only three of them; I don't remember them, but they encompassed staying in bed. She taught them to her daughter in the bed and then had her daughter help her teach them to the stuffed animals that she sleeps with. She said that it worked!

Mrs. Flinger

:: nodding :: We moved LB in to her bed because we were having another one. You know where the crib is? In the garage. He's two months old and sleeps next to me in the cradle. So no, we didn't NEED to move her and yes, it's put a complete squash on the napping. She thinks it's hilarious to get up and play.

It's not.

You're fantastic since you know so much more. It's got to be easier the second time around, right? Tell me it is. Please.


My little guy is 20 months and he's been in a big bed for a while not out of choice. We've been without our beds and cribs- in fact all our furniture since March since we moved from Europe to the US via family whilst dh trained in Texas.
No-one had a crib so he was in a toddler bed. He had lots of cushions around him but ...yes still rolls out. He's such an active sleeper.

We finally move into our home at the end of the month and wonder if after 6 months of freedom is it worth trying to 'lock him back up'? The thought of a full nights sleep encourages us to try. :)


We moved our twin boys to big boys beds (toddler) right around their 2 year old birthday because they were climbing in and out of their cribs. It has been a rough transition as they rather play together than sleep. We had to unscrew the ceiling can's light bulbs and remove almost everything out of their room (dresser, toys, etc.) to minimize the playing. They are 2 and a half now and I still find them in the sleeping in the closet almost every night and we then move them to their respected beds. I wonder if they think it is strange to wake up in their own beds each morning.


My first daughter's story would be verbatim your story with Annabella. With my second daughter we were trying to find the right bunkbed and we were not in any hurry to repeat the same scenario. She stayed in her crib until she was at least 4. However at about 3 we reinforced the crib in such a way that we took off one side to act like a day bed. This daughter has NEVER in her entire 15 yrs left her bed to come to me for a nightmare or sickness or even a loud storm. I have no idea if this late trasition is the reason why but I feel like she was old enough to appreiciate why she needed to stay in her bed once she was put there. Oh, but she did ocasionally sleep walk. I think she stopped at about 6 or 7. It's weird what you forget and remember over the decades of parenting.

Paul Cyopick

I've got a seven year old and twin four year olds sleeping in the same room. My son who'se 7 falls asleep within 5 minutes of going to bad, and sleeps like a rock.

The twins are similar to the comments above, they would rather play then sleep. Rarely if ever are they asleep in their beds. One is usually in bed with me, and the other finds the strangest places, once under the dining room table.

John Paulsen

When we moved the boys from the crib we went right to twin beds. One side against the wall and the other side had one of those PVC and net things to keep them from rolling out.

We laid some ground rules between the bride and I. We both did exactly the same thing, every time.

When they got out of bed and came in with us we told them they could never get in OUR bed if either of us was asleep. We then took them back.

When they would come in and wake us up the first time it was a freebee. We took them back and tucked them in. We told them that the second time we would be shutting their door. If a third time happened we would be shutting their door plus Mommy & Daddy's door and locking it. Sounds cruel, but we only had to lock it once or twice. After trying it those few times they thought it was locked even though it may not have been. Then they eventually realized sleeping in the hallway was no fun. A nice benefit now is that when they see our door shut, they assume it's locked and knock.


We moved our last child to the big boy bed very eaisly. We set the toddler bed up in his room with a new bedding set that he was enthralled with (Bob the Builder).

Then we left him in the crib for a week while talking about the cool big boy bed. It was pure torture for him. He finally ran into his room one night and laid down on the new bed. We asked him if that was where he wanted to sleep, and he said yes.

When he wakes up in the morning, he climbs in to our bed and tells us to wake up, but he can eaisly be convinced to lay down a little while longer on weekends.

Account Deleted

We transitioned our son Quinn to a toddler bed just before he turned 2, and it worked out fine. I put those childproof handles on the door to his room for a while, and now even though they're gone he never leaves his room without me. Quinn will be 3 in October. Sometimes he gets up and plays quietly on his own, which is fine with me. Even if he's not sleeping, he's got some down time.

I'm a friend of Sarah Lane's, by the way, and have just entered the blogging world.



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Sometimes he gets up and plays quietly on his own, which is fine with me. Even if he's not sleeping, he's got some down time.

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