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July 08, 2007



Leo and Megan,

Love you guys on TV (Leo - the new show is great) and love the new podcast. As a new blogin' dad (http://little-pickle.blogspot.com) I love the tech/family mix of your cast. I have been thinking of doing a podcast and would love to hear a how-to-podcast themed podcast.

Thanks for the new content.



Thank you for the excellent podcast and for the mention of Parentography in your most recent episode. We're working hard to make the site comprehensive and useful for parents throughout North America (with hopes to go global as soon as maps and local business directories catch-up with our ambitions :D).

Thanks again,


Did I hear it wrong or did Leo suggest that we put on headphones and listen to a book while we play with our baby? That's pretty bizarre.

Megan, I love the podcasts. I especially enjoyed the one with Denise Howell. I thought you guys had a lot of "chemistry" and wished that you guys hosted the show together. No offense to Leo, who is a real pro, but he doesn't have to be on-air for EVERY podcast on the twit network. Sit one out Leo. It's alright.


Kudos! What a neat way of tnihknig about it.

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